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What is ELO rating ?

Your ELO rating for a game is your level at this game. It's a 4 digits number followed by sign rank.png.

Example: 1648 rank.png.

If you never play a game on BGA, your initial rating is 1500 . Each time you win a game your rating increases, and it decreases each time you lose a game.

How is my ELO ranking computed ?

The BGA ELO system is inspired by the standard ELO rating system, in use for chess.

Let's try to make it simple: the points you win/lose after each game depends on the ranking of your opponents. If you win at a table with opponents stronger than you, your ranking will increase a lot. If you lose at the same table, your ranking will decrease a little. And so on ...

In case there are more than 2 players at the table, we take into account the final rank. This is the reason it is important to continue fighting for the second place during the game if you think you can't win.

Okay, but I want to know the formula !

At first, when someone left a game for any reason this game is not taken into account by the ELO rating system.

  • Table Level (TL) is the average of ELO ratings of all players at this table.
  • The success (S) of a player depends directly on its ranking at the game, from S=+470 (winner of the game) to S=-470 (last player).
  • The performance (P) of a player is TL+S.
  • The new ELO rating (Rn) is a weighted average of the previous ELO rating (Rp) and the performance: Rn = K.P + (1-K).Rp

Good players, Experts, Masters

  • Good players: > 1600 ELO
  • Experts: > 1800 ELO
  • Masters: > 2000 ELO