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Browser support

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Board Game Arena is using the most recent web technology to make it possible for you to play without installing anything on your computer: no software to download, no plugin to install, ...

Consequently, to play you need to use a recent web browser. Generally speaking, the more recent your web browser is, the more pleasant your game experience on Board Game Arena will be.

We officially support the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5+
  • Google Chrome 4+
  • Internet Explorer 8 (partial support for IE7)
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Safari 4+

(Note: we are NOT supporting iPad or similar tablets)

This website uses Javascript technology and your browser's graphics possibilities intensely. Thus, if you want to have the best game experience with Board Game Arena, you should use one of these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 4
  • Google Chrome 10